Membership of the APSHG

​How to become an APSHG member?​​

Membership to the Society is open to those with an active interest in the study of human genetics, including basic, applied and medical genetics.

Categories of Membership:

Regular: Open to persons involved or interested in the study of human genetics in the Asia-Pacific region with fully paid membership dues. Regular members have voting rights.

Junior: Open to persons under 30 years of age who are registered full-time students or trainees with fully paid membership dues. Junior members have no voting rights.

Life: Open to Regular members who have paid life membership dues. Life members have voting rights.

Senior: Open to members who have retired from full time employment. These persons should have been Regular Members and have paid annual membership dues for 5 years in total before being qualifying for Senior membership. They will then be entitled to the privilege of Regular members without fee. Senior members have voting rights.

Corporate: Upon recommendation of the Board, the Society may elect organizations that support the aims of the Society to Corporate membership. Each corporate member shall be entitled to nominate not more than two representatives to the Society and these nominees are subject to the approval of the Board. The Corporate members are not eligible to hold office or be members of the Board or to vote. Corporate members cannot use the name or logo of the Society for the purpose of advertisement or for any commercial or non-professional purposes. Corporate members shall seek in writing the written approval of the Board for use of the name or logo of the Society for any professional, education, or other matters. Corporate nominees are subject to similar restrictions imposed on the Corporate members.​

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