The Asia Pacific​ Society​​​​ of Huma​​n Genetics

President 2024

Dear Members of APSHG

It is my absolute pleasure to serve you as the new President of the Asia Pacific Society of Human Genetics. It is certainly a daunting role as I have big shoes to fill after the presidency of Prof Thanyachai Sura, who has led our society to sail safely and smoothly through the COVID19 Pandemic. Fortunately, I have the privileges of working with a very talented new board of directors who have a wide range of experiences in the field of human genetics, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce them:
President: Brian CHUNG
President Elect: Nancy CHIEN
Secretary: Catherine Lynn SILAO
Treasurer: Breana CHAM
Members: Ai Ling KOH, BR LAKSHMI, Ni-Chung LEE, Prasit PHOWTHONGKUM, Sultana FARADZ, Bin Alwi ZILFALIL
Immediate Past President: Thanyachai SURA

Asia is the most populous continent within Asia Pacific region contributing to >60% of the world’s population. We are incredibly diverse with a wide range of culture, languages, religions, socio-economic factors, healthcare systems and healthcare needs. Asia’s recent growth in the world of genomics and its clinical application provides useful insights on the development of genomic medicine to the rest of the world.

Although APSHG was formally registered only in 2006, the Society has its origins as far back as in the 1990s with members from different countries networking, exchanging ideas and collaborating. In our first board meeting on December 16, 2023, we had a wonderful discussion of some upcoming activities in 2024-2025, and on how to promote awareness of the recent development of genomic medicine in the region and around the world. We shall maintain this momentum and I look forward to the brilliant work that we will all achieve in 2024-2025.

Professor Brian Chung


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