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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As President of the Asia Pacific Society of Human Genetics (APSHG), I extend a warm welcome to all members and visitors to our Society's website:

For those who are not familiar with the APSHG, the inaugural meeting of the APSHG was held on November 12, 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand and the APSHG was subsequently registered in Singapore on February 17, 2006. The APSHG was accepted as Full Member of the International Federation of Human Genetics Societies (IFHGS) on August 6, 2006 in Brisbane, Australia during the 11th International Congress of Human Genetics (ICHG) Prior to the formation of the APSHG, the members of the human genetics fraternity held their First Asia Pacific Conference on Human Genetics (APCHG) in July, 1994 in Bangkok, Thailand. The APCHG has been held on a biennial and rotational bases amongst countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

In line with recent advances achieved in the field of human genomics, the APSHG will be actively involved with issues surrounding medical genetics services, genetic counselling, training, research and educational programs to improve the genetic health care of the peoples of Asia-Pacific region. Despite the various economic constraints, the wide geographic locations of our peoples and diverse stages of healthcare service development in this region, there is now a greater need to translate this new genetic and genomic knowledge into clinical practices, to ensure equitable access to all and to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

I believe this website will serve as a bridge to reach out to all our members; to bring our hearts and minds together to enhance closer collaboration between the various governmental bodies, non-profit organizations, support groups and genetic societies from this region and the rest of the world. Let us all work together to have healthier babies and happier families.  I sincerely hope that the website will  stimulate further interaction and provide opportunities for both official and informal discussions amongst members, to renew old acquaintances and make new friends.

Last but not least, I thank all our partners and friends for their contributions, particularly our website coordinators, Dr Ivan Lo and Professor Larry Baum whom I trust will strive to make our website the place to go to for information on medical genetics and genomics in this region.

Thank you.

Professor Dr THONG Meow-Keong
Asia Pacific Society of Human Genetics